Website Security

Website Security

Every website or online store is the target of malicious attacks, which are trying to exploit your website's resources, or even gain access to your customers’ data. To prevent these attacks, we provide the Website Security service.

Main features

The Website Security service ensures the smooth and secure operation of your website, preventing web-based attacks, which are based on any security vulnerabilities in the code of the website’s mechanisms, as well as the interception of data from connection, communication or purchase forms.

safety shield

It includes the following actions

  • Systematic checking for the proper functioning of the website
  • Regular upgrades of the website mechanisms, to resolve bugs and fix security gaps
  • Weekly cloud backups, with the ability to instantly restore all or individual files
  • Monthly offline backups
  • Restoration of the website from backup in case of need
  • Keep you informed about important issues
  • Informing you in case of suspicious activity
  • Installation, configuration and monitoring of the online security mechanism, with features such as Web Firewall, Malware Scanner, prevention of Brute Force Attacks & SQL Injections etc

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For more complete security, it is recommended the Website Security service to be combined with one of our Web Hosting packages, which provide server-level security, as well as the installation of an SSL Certificate, for the transferred data encryption.