eShop Development

eShop Development

The online store, or eShop, is a product launch website with online shopping capabilities. Online store breaks geographical and time limits, as it can sell your products constantly and in any area!

The time when local small shops were having a beautifully designed showcase, that attracted the customers they needed to grow, has long been over. In order to survive a store, it must be placed to a wider area beyond the narrow geographical boundaries that its location poses. This is where internet comes in!

Having an online store, or as it is called eShop, expands the scope of your business, making it known to a much larger audience, from which you can gain new customers. If you present your products online with the proper way, you will attract more customers who didn't even know about your store!

In addition, the online store provides your customers with 24-hour access to your products, and they can place orders remotely, all hours and all days of the week, regardless of your physical store hours.

EShop can also offer you other benefits, such as lowering operating costs, direct promotion of products and offers, as well as direct communication with potential and existing customers.

As more and more people shop online from their smartphones, why leave your business out of the competition?

Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to get a decent online presence, to stand out from the competition and gain new customers! Combining new technologies and techniques with our know-how and experience, we always look for the best result. So, we create functional and easy-to-use eShops, which give your prospective customers a sense of security and confidence, thereby increasing your sales!

eShop Features

Modern Design
We design stylish eShops, with a modern visual appearance, according to the customer's preferences and in harmony with the type of products it provides.
Responsive Design
We are exclusively designing "Mobile First" eShops, so that they appear correctly and they can be purchased both on desktops, smartphones, tablets and any other device.
Fast Loading
We take care of optimizing each online store we create, as its loading speed affects both customers and Google's ranking.
Search Engine Friendly
We build every online store according to Google's new specifications, so that to be search engine friendly, with the goal of having a good ranking.
User Friendly, Easy Navigation & Checkout
It is essential for customers to easily and quickly find the product they are looking for, as well as complete their purchase without difficulties. That's why we pay attention to the "usability" and functionality of our eShops. So, they are user friendly and functional.
Easy Management & Scalability
We use the best e-commerce CMS, giving the business the ability to easily add and modify content, products, or orders. Also, additional features can be added at any time.
The combination of elegance, usability and functionality on the websites that we create, develops a quality result in each of our projects!
We do not like problems and malfunctions! We make sure that all website’s mechanisms work harmoniously and seamlessly on every device.
Hacking is a blow to both your image and your visitors' safe browsing. That's why we emphasize the safety of the projects we create.