About us

Who we are

We are a creative team of engineers and developers who believe that the combination of engineering and computers brings great results!

As we are engineers, we know that for every problem there is at least one possible solution! Thus, by combining our knowledge with new technologies and techniques, we try to provide a solution for every type of need. And we want this solution to be the best possible.

We offer comprehensive high quality services, both in web and engineering area. We rely on hard work and continuous training on new technologies. We try to become constantly better, in order to broaden the range of the services that we provide, while we are optimizing our existing services too.

We like to develop innovative websites and applications that stand out for their stylish result, functionality, usability and safety. At the same time, we are working on promoting them, as a project is not enough to be completed, but it has to become known.

We undertake technical studies related to energy and electromechanical issues. We emphasize on renewable energy and energy saving, while we like automation and "smart" solutions!

We create a new range of services! Web, Software & Engineering Technologies...